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Hibernate Basics PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 14:41
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Hibernate Basics
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This article is first part of the many that will talk about hibernate with samples wherever required. We'll talk about the basics in this article so that we can write a simple hibernate application.

What is ORM (Object/Relationship mapping) ?

  • ORM can be viewed as a bridge between an application and RDBMS that it is depending on.
  • It simplifies the transformation of business data between application and RDBMS.
  • ORM provides services for persisting, querying and takes care of communicating with the underlying database.


Why Hibernate?

  • Hibernate is a ORM framework widely used by most of the developers for POJO persistence.
  • It encapsulates all the database related constraints and lets you work with java objects.
  • It supports all OOP concepts.
  • Allows to focus on the domain object rather than the persistence plumbing.
  • Sophisticated query facilities like HQL, Criteria API, Query By Example & native queries.
  • Proven framework for high performance, reliability & scalability.


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